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About Bearizona Wildlife Park

Bearizona, a drive through the wildlife park, can welcome and open up in stormy conditions and cool temperatures. Founded in 2010, BearIZona is a popular destination for visitors to the southern edge of the Grand Canyon or for driving through northern Arizona. We are fortunate to be a fun, full service place to settle as a Grand Canyon - bound visitors are looking for fun, full service spots near our base. 

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Bearizona is a wildlife park where you can meet the animals and get a good insight into their lives. The park is diverse - animal enclosures are currently home to a variety of different species of bears, wolves, coyotes, foxes and other wildlife. In addition, most of the bears currently on display are orphaned cubs, often housed there by AZ Fish and Game. There is also an even greater variety of birds in the park, including falcons, falcons and owls.

Since the park closes at 4 p.m., O'Connell and the rest of the animal staff have to look after her 24 / 7. A woman and two men, who now weigh about 40 pounds each, were orphaned after their mother was shot and wounded by a hiker near Dupuyer. Three days later, a ranch family discovered the three cubs huddled together in a nearby field and reported them to authorities. Although the family knew ropes, they were unable to rope her down gently and keep her safe until the FWP arrived and transported her to the wildlife centre. On April 9, 2021, one of them was euthanized and another had to be euthanized. 

While waiting for the FWP to arrive, the family worried for the safety of the cubs because a male grizzly bear lived in the area.

On the one hand, I can count the number of animals I have been particularly attached to over the years, but I am not too attached to animals. O'Connell and Lucky have grown close since they were put up against the wall in their enclosure, which I had the privilege of hanging on this year. Lucky can see a forehorn named Jesse, an NAU alumnus, as well as a few other animals in the enclosure. Their bond becomes apparent when I pay Lucky a visit in the enclosure and they bond over the food.

Bearizona owner Sean Casey transported the cubs from Helena, Montana, to Williams, Arizona, in an air-conditioned cargo car in a Jaguar kennel. The only part of the walk we are walking through is inhabited by a pair of black bears, a male and a female, as well as some other animals.

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Here you will love getting remarkably close to these majestic creatures and you will especially enjoy watching cute bear cubs play. The park also has a petting zoo, bears in kindergarten that are not old enough for an adult enclosure, as well as kindergarten and kindergarten - the bears in old age show their skills. Park visitors who travel on foot through the area are included in a guided tour of the Bearizona Wildlife Park with guided tours of all animals.


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